The Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation: a leading institution for healthcare development

The Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation is a private entity of a social nature with a mission to lead and positively influence the healthcare sector and contribute to the welfare of individuals and communities.

Since its creation on November 2, 1972, its goal has been to become a leading institution for healthcare development and to offer everyone the highest levels of ethical, human, scientific and technological quality. Its mission is to provide health services of the highest quality, educating future professionals, working with vulnerable communities and researching and contributing to public health policies.

Chromotherapy and cleaning, the main concern for the client

The hospital expansion project was designed to eliminate the sensation or collective unconsciousness of health spaces being gloomy for both its permanent and semi-permanent occupants, by making use of nature inside the building, of chromotherapy (color therapy) and of color psychology, and by generating a constant visual connection with the exterior and the natural environment.

As a first need, the general receptions were redesigned, transmitting an image of cleanliness and clarity as the first visual contact for patients and relatives, then replicating with Corian® Solid Surface in rooms and other hospital locations.



Catalina Iannini, the architect commissioned with the project to expand the Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation said, "When we planned this project we wanted to transform the view of patients and their families, we wanted to project tranquility and modernity from the moment of their arrival without sacrificing the cleanliness of the facilities.” “The design involved many curves and we needed a material that was easy to cut, and although the process was almost handmade, we managed to obtain the desired results,” he added.

Thanks to Solinoff's experience working with Corian® Solid Surface, the implementation was easier working closely with the architects or interior designers on the details to create a comfortable environment that eliminates the stress factor produced in hospitals, while always keeping in mind the aseptic requirements of the medical care area.

Installation areas include:

  • Main public receptions
  • Patients' bathroom
  • Intensive Care Unit Sinks
  • Neonatal sinks
  • Surgical sinks
  • Nursing stations
  • Public toilets



Continuity of Corian® in the Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation

Due to the satisfaction of working with Corian® Solid Surface, ongoing renovations are taking place in the building with outpatient services and clinics of various specialties. This will have the same image and services found in the main institution, that will aim at the best in design, easy to clean and hygiene for its clients. "Corian® was the best choice of material in terms of safety, hygiene, durability, strength and low maintenance, and because of the possibility it offers of making more pleasant forms in attractive organic shapes that make everyone feel more at home" added Iannini.

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