Corian® Design delivers versatility and cleanliness at Ágora Bogotá International Convention Center

The use of innovative, non-porous Corian® Solid Surface offers cutting edge design, and positions the venue as one of the most important of its kind.

Ágora Bogotá emerged from the public-private cooperation agreement spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Corferias, and the Colombian Government through both the Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism, and FONTUR. The pre-feasibility study was carried out in 2009 as part of INNOBO, a project to revitalize the city located within the Strategic Operation - Ring of Innovation area, which connects the airport with the city center by developing a central axis along the route of the Western railway line and is envisaged as a corridor of mobility with associated residual areas.

Boosting the events industry and setting trends in Latin America.

The convention center's construction will pave the way to consolidate a surrounding District of Trade Fairs, Events and Conventions for Bogotá and will generate many positive impacts for the city. The venue's design applied principles of transparency, luminosity, integration with the surrounding area, and respect for green areas. Artificial lighting is built into its facade: LED strips are integrated into the aluminum exterior to light up the surfaces of the material and to accentuate the facade's depth. The system includes a control center for employing a range of subtle, elegant tones to accentuate the variety of the glazed areas and for generating a sense of movement depending on the purpose for which the building is being used.

Versatility and cleanliness for visitors

The design project was done by Bermúdez Arquitectos, while Corian® Design certified manufacturer Design Maderatto LTDA, installed the material, as they have considerable experience with this kind of project and application. Both parties took the ease of cleaning, high levels of hygiene, and the use of thermoforming as key factors in selecting Corian® Solid Surface for the restroom design. 

“Corian® Solid Surface was selected for its exceptional versatility, reliability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, due to the high degree of use to which the facilities would be exposed. We managed to make complex forms in the interiors, benefiting from limitless design possibilities without any risk of losing the asepsis”, says Ramón Bermúdez, architect at Bermúdez Arquitectos.

Ágora Bogotá Convention Center used Corian® Solid Surface for the:

  • Public toilets
  • Interior public benches.



Corian® Solid Surface is non-porous, has translucent capabilities, thermoforming and the possibility of creating designs without apparent joints have turned it into experimental material in numerous works of avant-garde design for various applications.

It also has warm temperature unlike granite, stainless steel, marble that feel cold when you touch them. With Corian® Solid Surface, rounded edges can be achieved, a feature that makes it easy to clean and totally hygienic as dirt does not accumulate in the joints.


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