Corian® revives the heritage of Chekiang to the new Chekiang Business Cultural Centre

Chekiang Business Cultural Centre has a construction area of 220,000 square meters. With the vision of promoting the Chekiang mission and embracing the Chekiang business culture, the facility has incorporated a museum, social space, data analysis center, exhibition center, and training center in one place. The Chekiang Business Cultural Centre aims to become a global multipurpose platform for promoting Chekiang culture.

Chakiang Cultural Center wraps 40 large columns with Corian® Solid Surface

Corian® Solid Surface is used throughout the interior to create a fusion of oriental culture and the modern “cloud computing” business concept. The interior claddings are seamless jointed with columns and railing using Corian® Glacier White, establishing a futuristic unified white space in the interior. The smooth and organic visual of this impactful space emphasizes the Chekiang business spirit. This was only possible leveraging the seamless thermoforming ability of Corian® Solid Surface.

Chakiang Cultural Center uses Corian® Solid Surface to wrap the column and aisle

Chekiang Business Cultural Centre is the commercial hub that connects Chekiang businessmen around the world to promote entrepreneurship and economic transformation. Innovative business development through Chekiang Cultural Centre aims to take the economy in Chekiang and Yangtze river delta area to a new era.

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