LaGuardia Airport’s Restroom Makeover with Privacy Plus Partitions

Among travelers worldwide, LaGuardia Airport had become known as one of the most hated airports in the U.S. So when New York Governor Cuomo announced in 2015 a massive renovation project, travelers rejoiced. The vision? Luxurious amenities, creature comforts and modern design were among its ambition. But arguably one of the most important elements to any airport are the restrooms. Cleanliness and peace of mind are table stakes with restroom design; but in a post-COVID world, they are paramount.

With many travelers basing their experience at LaGuardia Airport on the facilities, such as restrooms, the city of New York wanted to flip the paradigm and create a more comfortable restroom experience built to last the test of time. One of the ways they achieved this vision of form + function was with Privacy Plus® Partitions, made with Corian® Solid Surface. The newly renovated Terminal B bathrooms now provide patrons with five-star experience and meet the designer’s long list of objectives

  • Privacy: Privacy Plus® Partitions provide zero sightline and a continuous hinge, custom designed specifically for the restroom space at LaGuardia airport. Side panel hardware is covered with no visible hardware, no gaps between compartments, and a privacy strip that covers the latch side of the door. Privacy has become a central issue when it comes to public restrooms. The new bathroom stalls feature doors that open outward and are roomy enough for luggage.


  • Form & Function: The foundation of good design in restrooms seamlessly blends form and functionality. The best designs create efficiencies – from easier cleaning capabilities to seamless panel integration. Specifically, Privacy Plus® Partitions are made with Corian® Solid Surface, a non-porous and hygienic material that’s easy to clean and maintain. With proper cleaning, non-porous surfaces can better resist the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria than surfaces with corners and crevices.
  • Long-Lasting: Unlike less-durable designs, Privacy Plus® is built to last and boasts a 25-year limited warranty. To this day, no warranty claims for Privacy Plus® have occurred in any past designs over the companies 20-year existence. Projects installed 20 years ago still look and perform like new, like the O’Hare Airport and White Sox Stadium restrooms. The fully integrated, self-closing hinges are designed to eliminate stress points and reduce impact during use. The durability of this product completely avoids the cost of tear out and disruption of service, ultimately minimizing long-term replacement costs.


  • Affordability: There is tremendous cost to fix, maintain, and replace toilet compartment parts throughout the life of conventional systems. On top of that, there is the disruption of service and the degrading aesthetics of graffiti, corrosion, doors out of alignment and big gaps that downgrade customer experience. Privacy Plus® completely eliminates these issues – and there is no life cycle to date because nothing has ever worn out or failed. The product is also manufactured and produced domestically in the U.S., cutting down shipping costs and wait time for product delivery. 

  • Elegance: In bringing a more elegant restroom experience to life at LaGuardia Airport, travelers will be less inclined to be messy and will take more care – it’s just in our human nature based on the experience of the space we’re in. Privacy Plus® Partitions with Corian® Solid Surface are created with consideration for design, installation and maintenance, delivering high aesthetic value. 

LaGuardia Airport is the perfect underdog story. Air travel can be an exhausting and stressful experience. Even more so now as the U.S. slowly recovers from the pandemic. Formerly one of the most hated airports in the U.S., LaGuardia will have dramatically changed travel experiences for visitors. And while things like bathrooms may seem trivial, they are often the first stop at an airport for passengers and one of the most important spaces to keep clean and comfortable. The new Privacy Plus® stalls are a step in the right direction towards a more pleasant travel experience.

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