Immerse in Poetic Design Cocoon to Butterfly

Hüdié SPA flagship clubhouse locates in the 4th floor of the Bund 18, Corian® Glacier White is used to create the poetic atmosphere

Hüdié SPA flagship clubhouse locates in Shanghai premium landmark – 4th floor of the Bund 18. Designed by world renowned designer from Paris – Damien Langlois-Meurinne, the new clubhouse dedicates to bring a new experience to skincare and retail space. Combing Corian® Glacier White with different materials such as enamel, wood and brass, DLM brings poetic atmosphere to the SPA clubhouse using unique designs in impact spaces, furniture and various ornaments.

Hüdié SPA flagship clubhouse located on the 4th floor of the Bund 18, Corian® Glacier White is used to create the poetic atmosphere

All meeting tables and wall cabinets in Hüdié SPA are made with Corian® Glacier White

Hüdié SPA advocates “listen to inner origin, attention to detail” as health concept. Pioneered “tailor to skin type” premium skincare, Hüdié customize the SPA experience for every customer starting from diagnostic and consultation, to product and service selection, to equipment and therapy space. The clubhouse employs white as the theme color; allowing customers to experience harmonization of mind and body through relaxation and nature elements in every space. With the concept “butterfly with blooming flower”, a Corian® Glacier White large round table that resembles a blooming orchid is placed in the middle of main entrance. Garnished with hand-made brass petal, the walls enrich the space with subtle oriental beauty.

Hüdié SPA powder room made with Corian® Glacier White

The exclusive VIP treatment area extends white accent with Corian® Glacier White dressing table; golden columns connect smooth curves and round edges emphasizing the texture and purity of mother nature. Resembling a blooming flower blossom, petal trays made with Corian® Glacier White and Corian® shelves, seamlessly join with wall cladding to bring different elements of natural beauties together in this organic space.

Nursing area, display shelves and butterfly shaped display area made with Corian® Glacier White

Hüdié SPA is dedicated to bring beauty and healthy together. The SPA uses advanced scientifically-proven measurements to help customers refresh and recover, reemerging just like a butterfly from a cocoon. Through collaboration with Corian®, the clubhouse creates an extraordinary space that has the flexibility to tailor enjoyment for every customer.

Hüdié SPA flagship clubhouse info:
Customer name: Hüdié SPA flagship clubhouse
Location: 4th Floor of the Bund 18, Shanghai, China
Application: Display shelf, display table, organic shaped tables, dressing table, wall shelf, shower room partition
Corian® Color: Corian® Glacier White
Fabricator: Suzhou Jinlehui Construction and Decoration Material Ltd.

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