Wall panels and furniture designs, new town hall in Neckarwestheim, Germany, mattes + eppmann architects

Wall panels and furniture designs made of Corian® in Glacier White. Design: mattes + eppmann architects, Machining and Installation: Georg Ackermann GmbH/ K.Westermann GmbH & co. KG, Photos: N. Kazakov for Corian®, all rights reserved.

The new town hall in Neckarwestheim, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, is an elegant, freestanding building from the 1980s, which defines the town's pretty market place. Following extensive refurbishments of the council chamber, the interior of the building is also coming to be regarded by the town’s people and civic representatives as an emblem that conveys their identity. This notion is clearly reflected in the uniformity of the Corian® furniture and wall panels.

As soon as you entered the old rooms, it became quickly apparent that they had fallen victim to the ravages of time. The oppressively murky ‘80s oak interior featured old carpets, steps marked with yellow adhesive tape, sparse lighting and a heavy coffered ceiling which loomed above. Accordingly, the focus of the refurbishment carried out by architect Monika Eppmann from Abstatt was to create a modern, bright working environment in a relatively small space, which fostered communication and had clear links to the town.

Nowadays, the council chamber is a sparkling room featuring shiny white Corian® with light oak elements. All-white wall panels and light oak flooring have replaced gloomy, bulky wood and create a friendly, communicative working atmosphere. In addition, the stair markings have been elegantly updated for modern times. Dark slate floor tiles have been fitted with LED rods whichcontrast with the white Corian® elements and match the LED lighting in the new meeting room.

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