Mellow Garden Outdoor Spaces

David Giovannitti, Designer, Giovannitti, Inc.
Fabricator: Allegheny Solid Surface Technology


  • To design a monolithic space, beautiful in form and function, using Corian® solid surface sheets in Glacier White as wall panels and flooring, in order to re-create a garden/patio space that appears hewn out of a single block of Corian®.
  • To compliment the living space both aesthetically and functionally, so that the garden is as pleasing to the eye and as enjoyable a space as the new and beautiful apartment to which it belongs.
  • A spiral staircase as well as ledges for plants needed to be built into the design.


  • Finding a material that is easy-to-maintain, assists in water drainage and can withstand the elements for multi-season weatherability.
  • Due to the design of the aluminum sub-structure, need a material that can attach to itself and other materials without difficulty to fit in the space.
  • Limited physical size of the area means that every available inch needs to enhance the serenity of the garden.


  • Corian® could be used for both wall and floor panels, assuring that the space would have the singular colour and texture needed to create the universal design effect.
  • The ability to thermo-form Corian® to create consistent radius edges produced the desired style and warmth within the space.
  • The capability of Corian® to create inconspicuous seams, coping, cap pieces, and corner returns minimises areas of potential water exposure and damage.


  • Corian® is available in a wide range of colours. It can be fabricated in many ways to create the desired aesthetics.
  • Corian® is durable and easy-to-maintain – even in outdoor applications. It is slip-resistant, ideal for wet floors or walls in bathrooms or patios.
  • Corian® Glacier White for the walls and floor panels offered a product in which the designer and owner had a high level of trust.

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