FUJIBAMBI, A Confectionery Showcase Connecting Traditions with The Future

Everyone in Kumamoto knows of Black Sugar Donut Sticks, a classic sweet that has been loved over the generations. They are manufactured by FUJIBAMBI, which was founded in 1948 and is beloved for its “Corner Snack Shop” brand. FUJIBAMBI launched its new FUJIBAMBI Sweets Factory brand in 2017, the company’s 70th anniversary, and has been focusing on new product development. It opened a counter exclusively for this new brand inside Tsuruya Department Store, a long-established department store in Kumamoto-shi, and is promoting FUJIBAMBI Sweets Factory to young people and other new customers separately from its existing products. Mr. Akira Goto of FUJIBAMBI’s Sales Department said, “Tsuruya Department Store, which supported our new brand, suggested that we expand our counter space. We remodeled the counter with two areas, one for our traditional Corner Snack Shop brand and one for the new FUJIBAMBI Sweets Factory brand.” FUJIBAMBI wanted a stylish, high-grade counter design that matched with FUJIBAMBI Sweets Factory, a confection brand targeted mainly at women. “We wanted to differentiate the new brand from other companies’ counters, while also maintaining the warm image of the existing Corner Snack Shop brand. We requested that the two brands stand on their own while also co-existing harmoniously,” said Ms. Eri Yoshida of FUJIBAMBI.


The showcase and all display shelves are designed with heights and depths that match the product sizes.

The plan that resolved these issues was suggested by Mr. Koji Nara of Kyoya, which does various commercial space designs including furniture and fixtures, stores, displays, and visual merchandising (VMD). He said, “The counter had to match with the existing products and seem welcoming to the elderly customers that have patronized the brand for many years. I worked to come up with a design that is sophisticated and stylish with a high-class yet casual atmosphere, while also showcasing the two separate and contrasting brands.”

To that end, Corian® Solid Surface was chosen as the decorative material to express the desired mood for its showcase. “I thought Corian® Solid Surface, which can be fabricated seamlessly, would give a refined finish. We were searching for greige colors that match well with both brands,” said Mr. Nara. The chosen colors are not plain shades, but have subtle patterns such as flow patterns and rock grains. Mr. Nara said, “Rather than plain colors, I felt these patterns have a look that is softer and more sophisticated.” This idea was exactly what Ms. Yoshida was imagining. She said, “We looked at Corian® Solid Surface samples, and I immediately thought ‘this is it’ when I saw the sense of transparency, depth, and beautiful flow patterns. The stylish impression catches eyes in the store, but it also has a sense of warmth that goes with our corporate image and products. The customers love it as well.”

The showcase is decorated with “F,” the first letter of “FUJIBAMBI.” The Corner Snack Shop section is made from softly colored Neutral Concrete and Cocoa Prima. The FUJIBAMBI Sweets Factory area combines stylish, monotone colors.


More information about FUJIBAMBI

  • Corian® Solid Surface Colour(s): Earth, Neutral Concrete, Cocoa Prima
  • Address: B1F, Tsuruya Department Store Main Building, 6-1 Tetorihoncho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
  • Design supervision: Ms. Eri Yoshida and Mr. Akira Goto of FUJIBAMBI CO., LTD.
  • Design and production: Mr. Koji Nara of Kyoya Inc.
  • Photographer: Yoshihito Imaeda
  • Submitted by: Kanoko Ishida


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