Futrus® Ascend Wall System designed with Corian® Solid Surface Chosen for Indianapolis International Airport


Improving passenger experience was a key objective of the of the Weir Cook Terminal renovation, within Indianapolis Airport. This included the creation of multi-functional zones, which passengers could use for working, relaxing and dining. Over 9.4 million passengers use the terminal each year, so the final solution had to be durable, easy to clean and low maintenance, as well as adaptable to meet the design vision of the new terminal.


The Futrus® Ascend Wall System is a modular, self-supporting, half-wall designed to provide unmatched durability, hygiene and design flexibility. It was chosen by Synthesis Incorporated to the create the multi-functional spaces within the newly renovated departure lounge. This unique wall system features removable Corian® Solid Surface panels supported on a patented structural frame that is just two inches in diameter, to create a minimal footprint and streamlined look.

Durability, Hygiene and Cleanability

The seamless Corian® Solid Surface wall and touchdown surfaces are designed to resist scratching, chipping, peeling and impacts, which helps ensure the Ascend Wall System will remain looking and performing like new, even after continued passenger use. Corian® Solid Surface is also NSF/ANSI Standard 51 certified for food contact, helping to support passenger health and safety in areas where food is eaten or prepared. Compared with traditional materials, Corian® Solid Surface is fast to clean and sanitize, helping to reduce the significant costs associated with airport cleaning and maintenance staff.


The Ascend Wall system can be adapted in a variety of ways to support hospitality, commercial, educational and healthcare environments. For Indianapolis Airport, a seamless, floating touchdown space was added across the entire wall length to support eating and working, the wall height was adjusted to create a privacy screen and the wall ends were angled to mirror aspects of the terminal’s exterior design. Seamlessly integrated power outlets were added along the wall surface to support charging and connectivity for up to twenty-four passengers at any given time. Should future technology requirements change, the Corian® Solid Surface panels can be easily upgraded, ensuring a future- proof solution. Corian® Antarctica was chosen for the wall surface and Corian® Deep Night Sky was chosen for the counter surface, but the Ascend Wall System is available in over 180 Corian® Solid Surface colors and patterns to compliment any design scheme and can also be adapted by material to help meet varying budget requirements.


The Ascend Wall System is prefabricated and arrived onsite with all electricals ready to connect, to minimize site traffic and enable rapid installation within the terminal. Futrus® also provided full design support, which helped reduce overall design time for Synthesis designers involved with the project. If you would like more information on the Ascend Wall System you can contact the Futrus team at info@futrus.com.

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