Exterior Wall Cladding Innovation

ICADE Premier building, Arnulfpark, Munich, Germany, project by Ganzer-Hajek-Unterholzner / Louvieaux and Landau Kindelbacher; photo Werner Huthmacher

Urban space transformed with innovative exterior cladding and interior design using Corian® solid surface

Arnulfpark in Munich, a recently reinvented modern urban district, offers extraordinary office spaces. The ICADE Premier building is one of this neighbourhood’s outstanding visual attractions, featuring an elegant façade made with Corian® solid surface. The high-tech material creates a striking contrast to the stern pattern of the surrounding aluminium-glass-exterior.

Architects Ganzer-Hajek-Unterholzner/Louvieaux developed this spectacular design in cooperation with the Munich architectural office Landau Kindelbacher. They also chose Corian® solid surface for the interior wall cladding and furniture because of its inconspicuous seams and the resulting homogenous look of the structures.

The new building at Arnulfstraße 59 features a clear, cubic and urban design. Its checkered glass façade mirrors the glittering reflections of passing cars. In an interesting contrast, the inner courtyard is calm and quiet before the ample windows. Overlapping strips of organically shaped Corian® stand out from the dominant aluminium-glass-façade. At night, the backlit structure shines like a precious jewel when fine lights filter out of the overlapping strips.

The façades’ very particular beauty is due to the solid surface material’s thermoformability. Industrie-Manufaktur Hasenkopf from Mehring manufactured individual strips which were then applied to look like scales of a fish. An acknowledged expert in the field of Corian® solid surface fabrication, the Quality Network partner is involved in developing new and innovative techniques for applying the material in external cladding projects. Corian® solid surface is well suited for this kind of application due to the fact that it is easy to maintain, has excellent weatherability and UV-resistance. The installation of the Corian® solid surface panels as well as the aluminium-glass facade was completed by Dobler Metallbau, Munich.

Gerhard Landau of Landau Kindelbauer Architekten, Innenarchitekten, Munich explains: “We chose Corian® because the requirements of this specific project were equally versatile as the material itself. It can be joined with inconspicuous seams and therefore appears to be crafted from one single piece; we decided to use the material also for the wall cladding and furnishings inside the building. We aimed to achieve a unique identity for the building with a combination of sophisticated lighting solutions that enabled us to get a special focus on the whole structure.”

Inside the building, Landau Kindelbacher created a highly unusual office space. Instead of conventional materials, they opted for Corian® solid surface, natural stone and lime, as well as wood, thereby creating a natural and warm atmosphere. The entrance area, meeting zones, and differently arranged work stations are characterised by their exclusivity and openness.

A dynamic white reception counter as well as seating arrangements, both made with Corian® solid surface, welcome visitors to the entrance hall. Their flowing shape and sculptural character feature the excellent thermoformability and apparent seamless fabrication of the material. The designers chose a wood and a vibrant Corian® burgundy hue to contrast with the white colour. Industrie Manufaktur Hasenkopf fabricated the Corian® surfacing elements for the installation. Lindner AG handled the installation. Denk manufactured the reception counter.

While Corian® design aesthetics account for the striking contemporary office architecture, the façade takes advantage of the material’s durability to protect the structure from wind and weather. Gabi Rottes, DuPont Building Innovations area manager in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, states: “The façade is an important element with a variety of functions. By using Corian® solid surface, we satisfy practical requirements and at the same time, offer versatile design possibilities.”

Architectural alliance Ganzer-Hajek-Unterholzner/Louvieaux - Rolf Ganzer, Gerhard Hajek and Helmut Unterholzner have been working together since 1979. Most of their projects are the result of innovative designs in competitions that they won, such as the Munich Town Hall. Since October 1, 2010, the Company has changed their name to Architekten Ganzer Hajek Unterholzner (GHU) GmbH.

French architect Thierry Louvieaux has been working in Germany since 1990. He takes part in German-French projects ensuring the mutual understanding of all partners involved both on a professional and cultural level. A long-time associate of Dominique Perrault, he was notably involved building the Velodrome and the Olympic swimming pool in Berlin.

Landau Kindelbacher Architekten Innenarchitekten – Founded in Munich in 1994 by Gerhard Landau and Ludwig Kindelbacher, the internationally renowned office is engaged in architecture, urban development, interior design, product and furniture design. “A suit made to measure,” sums up the philosophy of Landau Kindelbacher. The work of an architect can be compared to an exclusive couturier. Starting from the very first drawing through to the specific procedure and all the way up to the final implementation, the objective is custom-fit the design to the specifications of the user.

Awards in 2010 include Office Application Award for LHI Headquarter, in 2008, Deutscher Innenarchitekturpreis for Hauptverwaltung KangaROOS, Pirmasens, in 2007, IFI Design Excellence Awards Busan/Korea, Winner of the category Corporate Interiors, in 2001, Fassadenpreis der Stadt München for Wohnhaus Prinz-Ludwig-Höhe etc.

About Hasenkopf - Hasenkopf is an industrial manufactory based in Mehring, Bavaria. Founded in 1964 as a small supplier with only two employees, Hasenkopf’s more than 160 employees today manufacture system solutions made of wood and solid surface materials on a production area of 15,000 m². Across Europe, Hasenkopf is renowned for its proven and expertly manufactured range of products covering the entire value chain. As a reliable partner to industry and trade, the company makes high-quality products out of different types of wood as well as customised drawer solutions. For more than 20 years, Hasenkopf has also pioneered the processing of premium materials, such as Corian® solid surface. Using state-of-the-art technologies and managing a just-in-time supply chain, Hasenkopf meets individual customer needs and offers customised solutions for single items and serial production. As an industrial manufactory, the company prides itself on blending traditional craftsmanship with industrial efficiency.

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