A jewellery with the look of the interior of a jewel box

The Koukjian jewelry store, Beirut, Lebanon. Table and wall covering in Corian®, contrasting designs for unique interiors; photo courtesy of SOMA ©, all rights reserved.

In the centre of the tasteful and elegant city of Beirut, the architecture firm SOMA has been commissioned to design a Lebanese architectural gem, the Koukjian jewellery store. The selected location is a narrow and elongated 46 square meter open space, developed to bring to mind the interior of a jewel box, white and luxurious, but at the same time ultra contemporary and essential.

For this purpose, one of the selected materials for the interiors has been Corian® high-tech surface, used to create exceptional jagged effects for the wall cladding through parametric software, with a craftsmanship reminiscent of the precious stones on display in the shop. In addition to the strips in Corian® (in white colour) that dramatically cover the totality of the jewellery store surfaces, including the striking ceiling, other furnishings in Corian® have been executed by Tribu Design from Beirut.

Not only the walls, but also the display cases are made with Corian®: refined and discrete columns magnify the jewels' beauty in the front shop window. The smooth monolithic design of a long reception table centered within the open space contrasts with the jagged wall and ceiling surfaces. The table is also made entirely with Corian® high-tech surface and integrates lighting solutions that emphasize its geometric shape and the purity of the white environment.

Corian® is a versatile and high performance surfacing material with exceptional design potential. Its ability to be shaped, carved, engraved and combined with other materials, allow designers to imagine limitless features, fully expressing their creativity.

SOMA Architects have selected Corian® in a contest where every detail has been studied to attract visitors and customers through the evocative design and the warm atmosphere that it creates. A pure, white, but at the same time glamorous and fashionable space. The entire jewellery store is wrapped in a cloud of Corian® (in white colour) and the lights placed between the vertical strips enhance the aesthetics, giving the place a great visual effect.

SOMA Architects have reached the result of a linear space that perfectly embodies the elegance and preciosity of jewels. It is a design treasure.

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