The “A Table” Furniture Design

"The A Table"; design Dragos Motica; photo Alexandra Pasca and Dragos Motica

The “A Table” by Dragos Motica: designing and shaping a high-tech material as if it was paper

The “A Table” is an innovative and unique concept inspired by paper-like shapes by young Romanian designer Dragos Motica.

“The project comes from the idea of tossing paper into the air and, when it falls, seeing how the paper creates the imaginary volume of the “A Table,” explains Dragos Motica. 

The table, created with Corian® solid surface, seems to be made of paper in different sizes and formats, from A1 to A6; a multitude of paper that elegantly falls together to give shape to this imaginary volume.

The “A Table” is made from a single piece of Corian® solid surface, cut and engraved with CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machinery to create both the table top and sides. Corian® solid surface is a versatile material with endless creative possibilities; it can be carved, worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed in order to create limitless shapes and designs. After being engraved, the surface was filled with black adhesive then polished. The holes in the table have been filled with pieces of glass cut with water jet.

The “A Table” is produced by Ekero Concept, a Romanian company that specialises in the fabrication of Corian® solid surface and is a member of the Corian® Quality Network.

About Dragos Motica – Born in 1983 in Baia Mare, Romania, Dragos Motica graduated from West University, Timisoara, where he studied Arts and Product Design (2006). In 2008, he founded the Dragos Motica Design Studio, focusing on interior design projects and the design of furniture, lighting, bathroom fittings and tableware. Dragos’ inventive creativity and experimental initiative have earned him media coverage and awards for a variety of furniture prototypes made from many different materials, including sand–blasted stainless steel, braided bulrush, porcelain and Corian® solid surface. 

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