Corian® x Starbucks opens World’s largest Reserve Roastery yet

Located in West Nanjing Road Taikoo Hui, the shop is a full 2 stories 2700 SQM area building that resembles a giant coffee jar; bringing stunning coffee experience to West Nanjing Road.

Corian® Deep Space as food tray

This unique retail paradise is a gathering place for world coffee lovers to immerge in a multi-sensory coffee culture experience in an interactive coffee and retail destination like no other. With solid successful applications around the world, Corian® has been recognized by Starbucks as an official brand partner in bringing dream designs to reality. Corian® solid surface is proud to be part of the state-of-the-art roastery, bringing design and functionality together to meet the utmost design requirement by top designers.

Dancing with fashion Leading the trend of future design

The Roastery is dedicated to bringing customers coffee experience to all sensory from taste, smell, hearing, visual, to even touch and feel. The Roastery is not just another flagship coffee shop, it’s a coffee roastery factory, a coffee cultural museum, a coffee digital lab and a paradise for all coffee lovers around the world.

Corian® Solid Surface is world renown for designability and flexibility by architect and designers. Starbucks Reserve Roastery employs Corian® Solid Surface in creating a streamline interior, combining Corian® with different material to interpret the essence of coffee culture in architectural design; changing coffee barista table to a showcase of complete coffee journey – contributing to the “ideal coffee paradise” in Starbucks coffee lovers’ dream. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery is not only a fusion between coffee and oriental tea culture; it’s also a precise interpretation of modern commercial space design.

Corian® Deep Space as coffee master barista tabletop

Sync with technology | Bringing function with creativity

The three wooden coffee bars, including one that is 27 meters (88 feet) long – the longest at any Starbucks – are handcrafted by premiere Chinese artisans and reference the unique roasting curve of individual coffee beans, the coffee bar is made possible with Corian® seamless join and designability, combining barista countertop with wooden substructure. The bars serve as the stage where hundreds of baristas will handcraft some of the rarest, small-lot coffees in the world using one of six brewing methods: ModBar® Pour Over, Chemex, Coffee Press, Siphon, Espresso and the proprietary Clover-brewed coffee.

Corian® Deep Space as coffee master barista countertop

Corian® Deep Space as coffee master barista countertop

With coffee tables made of Corian® Deep Space (dark brown series), the tables echo the coffee spirit in the Roastery. Every customer who come to the Roastery can sit at Corian® unibody coffee table and visual the coffee journey from raw coffee bean to roastery silo to the transporting tubes that play the “coffee symphony “and directs roasted beans to the barista table; immerge oneself into the professional coffee experience from roasting to brewing, taste the fresh brew right from the Roastery.

Corian® Deep Space as coffee master barista countertop

Corian® Deep Space as coffee master barista countertop

Select only the best in every detail

As Starbucks world’s largest flagship roastery, the shop selects only the best coffee and handmade bakery around the world. The standard for food and hygiene is much higher than normal requirement. Every place that involves with food operation must pass NSF/ANSI Standard 51 – food contact certification. As the only material that satisfy both performance and designability, Corian® is used in all possible food contact areas including countertop, barista table, food table, etc. With over thousands of customers going through the Roastery, Corian® brings durability and hygiene in heavy traffic area providing low maintenance and downtime for Starbucks. It’s easy to notice that Corian® has been used in every corner of the Roastery in recognition of Corian® unlimited possibility.

Corian® Deep Space as food tray

Corian® Deep Space as food tray

Corian® Private Collection - Earth as coffee table

Corian® Deep Space as barista countertop

Contributing to state-of-the-art masterpiece with the world

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai is a revolutionary milestone in China coffee and retail industry. The unique coffee culture experience brings hope to the future of retail industry. Starbucks and DuPont are both industry giants with long history in bringing sustainable total solution to the world through innovative application of design space – combining the global practice with China’s F&B culture in bringing revolutionary coffee experience to coffee lovers around the world.

More information about Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai:

Customer: Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai
Location: Shanghai, China
Application Areas: Barista Countertop, Food Tray, In-door and out-door Coffee Table
Corian® Colors: Earth, Deep Sable and Deep Space
Submitted by: Alan Siu, Greater China Key Account and Business Development Manager
Fabricator: Zhongdi Architecture & Art Solutions