JACOB & Co. Retail Store Design

Corian® solid surface was used to create a unique, new retail store design for cutting-edge luxury jeweller, JACOB & Co. Peter Arnell, Jung-Ah Suh, Philipp von Dalwig, Architect-Design Team, Arnell Group, Fabricator: Evans and Paul


  • Creating a unique, new store experience for a cutting-edge luxury jeweller that showcases the preciousness of the product to its sophisticated clientele
  • Choosing a material that can be fabricated to represent the layered rock strata in diamond mines.
  • Selecting a material that is functional, yet can accommodate complex design elements, including a 12-foot high, 110-foot long façade, which wraps from the exterior to the interior of the store.


  • Securing a strong, yet versatile solid surfacing material that can create a textured, stylish environment.
  • Creating an interactive den of exploration that allows the customer to “mine” for their merchandise.
  • Locating a monolithic wall surface for both indoor and outdoor use that is durable and easy to clean.


  • The design flexibility of Corian® solid surface helped create a uniquely modern environment throughout the entire retail area and exterior façade.
  • By digitally carving the Corian®, using the Computer Numeric Control routing technique, the designer was able to create a horizontally-layered design mimicking natural rock strata found in diamond mines.
  • The use of Corian® allowed for the creation of a single, sleek sheet of wall surface that extends from floor to ceiling, interior to exterior, as well as textured, angular display cases.


  • Corian® is available in a wide range of colours, including Glacier White, which was described by the project team as “such an intense white that was very important to the store’s design.”
  • The versatility of Corian® represents unlimited design flexibility to create curves, angles, distinct edge treatments and more.
  • Because it is a lightweight, high-strength material that is compatible with typical building materials, Corian® is an excellent solution for exterior cladding applications. It resists salt and pollution. Even graffiti can easily be removed.

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