Multi-Dimensional Wall Systems by M.R. Walls
Designer Mario Romano along with Corian® Design offers an exclusive line of multi-dimensional walls carved and textured unlike anything you have seen before!


Unlike other materials such as tile or print, M.R. Walls is unique because of the properties of Corian® that make it unlike any other, seams can be virtually eliminated from your design creating one uninterrupted design. Each panel is carved and labeled, then delivered and assembled on-site without any visible seams. Bonded together with matching adhesive, the walls are impervious to mold, virus, and bacteria. They are completely water-proof and offer a finished solution in one step. No painting, No sanding. No grout. Simply bond the pieces together and attach to drywall with silicone. 

M.R. Walls are inspired by Mario's love of nature – undulations in sand, butterfly’s wings, ocean waves – all are captured in his unique designs. With an extensive design library, choose one of Mario's inspired wall creations or create a pattern unique to your design. Design walls without limits and start your next project today!

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Already installed in numerous high-end homes in Los Angeles, M.R. Walls is an innovative design solution manufactured using the latest in technology. Installed by local carpenters, Corian® fabricators, or tile subs with online support, the wall system enables the beauty of complexity to be experienced, touched and even showered in. 

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