Corian® for Hospitality

In hotels, first impressions count. Whether it’s the reception area or the bedroom, a fresh, clean, welcoming atmosphere can make the difference between a one-time visitor and a regular guest. For over 30 years, the high-profile presence of Corian® in hotels has arisen from its inherent hygienic properties, practicality and flexibility in design.

Clean and Refined Guestrooms

With its adaptability to almost any design vision, Corian® allows designers to create a guest bedroom that is an inviting cocoon for the weary traveller. Whatever your aesthetic goals for guestrooms, Corian® shapes the setting, leaving a lasting impression from the hotel experience.

Soothing, Easy-to-Clean Bathrooms

On a functional level, Corian® has been certified for hygienic properties. Solid and nonporous, it is joined without visible seams, creating surfaces that are both elegant and easy to clean.

Vibrant and Memorable Restaurants and Bars

Corian® can be adapted to suit all forms of dining and entertaining requirements. Corian® tabletops satisfy the most demanding standards of both beauty and hygiene. Beyond countertops, warm, muted Corian® wall surfaces in carefully chosen colours can create a relaxed atmosphere in a high-end hospitality environment.

Beautiful, yet so much more

  • Durable, easy to clean and maintain and can be renewed if scratched
  • With many color aesthetics to choose from, you can create a consistent, warm, inviting ambience and brand experience at one or many locations
  • Will not support the growth of mold and mildew when properly cleaned
  • Stain resistant (stains cannot permeate and minor surface discolouration is easily removed)
  • Available in a wide range of colors — including customisation options