Corian® Design Shares Design Trends to Make Public Spaces Private

WILMINGTON, Del. March 30, 2021

Corian® Design, a leading global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture, today revealed the top 2021 design trends for making public spaces private to help create cleaner and safer spaces. One of the consequences of the pandemic in the construction industry is the shift in how designers, architects and builders adapt to changing needs of occupants. Creating more comfortable, multi-functional and hygienic spaces has become a top priority, and new technologies, materials and approaches have emerged that will help reshape the face of public spaces.

Offices: Building barriers between workers, capitalizing on outdoor spaces, and choosing the right surface materials are just a few ways architects and designers are creating new office spaces that keep employees safe, comfortable and productive. Surfaces with high-cleanability will continue to grow in popularity, including non-porous materials, like Corian® Solid Surface that dramatically helps improve hygiene with far fewer spots for germs and bacteria to hide. In addition to choosing the right materials, diligent cleaning of frequently touched surfaces in the office, such as desks, office kitchens, and restrooms, has become a major consideration when it comes to the long-term durability of materials.

Restaurants: Innovative design has long been a way to differentiate from competitors and attract/retain customers in the food industry. Many companies have implemented full rebranding efforts that harken back to a 70s retro feel. These rebranding efforts extend into their physical spaces and ensure form is matching function by increasing drive-through capacity, enhancing digital and online ordering experiences, and creating additional outdoor seating spaces. Businesses with tables that are spaced 6 feet apart or leverage drive-through, delivery, take-out, or curbside pick-up, can foster a secure environment and establish trust with their customers.

Hotels: From creating social suites for people to take private meetings in the lobby, to increased cleaning and maintenance protocols to ensure each room is sanitized before guests arrive, hotels need to reimagine shared spaces to guarantee patrons feel safe. For 2021, architects and designers are looking to heavily index on the human health aspects of their hotel designs. Some hotels have introduced disinfectant sprays that require the room to be left untouched for a minimum of three hours. Others are requiring rooms stay vacant for 24 hours after guests leave to allow for the correct cleaning procedures to be followed.

Airports: The travel industry was hit hard in 2020, and people will be hesitant to begin traveling again until these spaces are considered safe – even well after the pandemic is widely contained. Airport cleanliness will be paramount, especially the restrooms. For example, restrooms that include Privacy Plus® Partitions, made with Corian® Solid Surface in the LaGuardia Airport have provided patrons with peace of mind through custom-designed restroom stalls that boast privacy, cleanability and elegance. While things like bathrooms may seem trivial, they are often the first stop at an airport for passengers and will continue to be one of the most important spaces to keep clean and comfortable.

"Where open concept floor plans and communal spaces once reigned supreme, architects and designers are now looking at how to redefine privacy," said Katie Congress, Commercial Marketing Leader, Corian® Design. "In many ways, the pandemic has reinforced the importance of social connections. Seeing people and sharing spaces is such a vital part of the human experience. Creating safe, private, and clean places that offer peace of mind for people will play a significant role in how we reopen public spaces."

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