Uses & Applications

Fabrication techniques
Corian® Technique - The Smart Kitchen
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Corian® Technique – Using Light
Corian® solid surface, with its translucency and ability to be shaped or formed, offers a world of opportunities to develop exciting, innovative designs that showcase contemporary lighting.
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Corian® Technique - Sensorial Design
When it comes to modern building materials, designers often trust their senses. Does a material look right, feel right, integrate flawlessly? Designers find all the right answers with Corian® solid surface.
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Corian® Technique - Outdoor Spaces
A staple of the contemporary high-design interior, Corian® solid surface is just as versatile and visually impactful outdoors.
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Corian® Technique - Monolithic Look
What makes Corian® such an innovative building material is its versatility and beauty. One exciting example is creating a monolithic look with Corian®.
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Corian® Technique - Making Curves / Thermoforming
With innovative architectural materials such as Corian® solid surface, you can take architectural design in new directions, many of which incorporate curves.
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Corian® Technique - Engraving, Carving or Routing
Engrave it, curve it, form it. With the versatility of Corian® solid surface, you can create the breathtaking surface textures your designs call for.
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Corian® Technique - Dye Sublimation
Now you can bring imagery to life in your designs. With the use of an exciting process called dye sublimation, intricate images can be embedded into Corian® solid surface.
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Corian® Technique - Corian® and Technology
In the field of design, technology and high-tech materials are propelling the pace of innovation. Corian® solid surface is among the technological advances that spur design creativity and excellence.
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Corian® Technique - Combining with Other Materials
Complementing the compelling beauty of Corian® solid surface is its remarkable versatility. Not only can this innovative architectural material be crafted in so many ways, it’s also a perfect match for the other materials in your design.
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Corian® Technique - Using Color
Which colors enliven you, embolden you, and bring your architectural designs to life? With Corian® solid surface, you’ll find all your favorites.
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