Textured Walls

Touch is the one sensation we can trust.

When our hands make contact with a surface, we are immediately aware of what’s real.

Texture offers more than the physical. It connects us to emotion, which is how we want people to experience M.R. Walls with Corian®.

Offering an exclusive line of multi-dimensional walls carved and textured, unlike anything you have seen before!

Texture goes beyond physical; it is an emotional experience that creates a memory. M.R. Walls textured wall has reimagined interior design with Corian® Solid Surface to embody & elevate this ideal.

MR Walls is a new interior designer favorite offering custom feature walls with a wide array of design options that can be customized, textured, and backlit easily, thermoformed for custom design needs and is easily installed. Whether it is your next home improvement project, or upgrading your commercial space, MR Walls can create the perfect textured wall for your space.



Questions might follow, but after that initial touch, design takes over and limits start disappearing.

We believe a surface can bring a powerful reaction, matched only by the force of imagination.

This collection is an invitation to keep going. Explore our digital catalog below.

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MR Walls delivers exclusive designs of multi-dimensional wall systems that are virtually seamless, thermoformed, and textured, creating feature walls unlike anything you have seen before. Unlike wall murals or brick walls, M.R. Walls designs are 3-D, textured, and easily backlit creating a unique accent wall that will be the focal point of the room.

These striking accent walls will redefine and reimagine any space. Click below to contact MR Walls to begin your design journey today

Texture as the new aesthetic available internationally

Explore some of the texture aesthetics available from M.R. Walls below or visit M.R. Walls website to see the whole collection or get a quote.

Geometric Textures




Textures Inspired by Nature




Textures with Curves