Healthcare Design Made Easy

Create safer and more stylish healthcare environments with innovative solutions from Corian® Solid Surface. From the waiting room to the patient room, Corian® Solid Surface delivers stunning aesthetics and superior performance to every design.

Discover the NEW colors of Corian® Solid Surface that are perfect for Healthcare:

Keep design, durability, and hygiene at the heart of every healthcare space with the stunning aesthetics of Corian® Solid Surface.

Corian® in Widesheet Dimensions offers affordable & faster installation due to a reduction in seams for marketing trending aesthetics. Whether it’s an exam room, operating room, patient room or a modern reception or waiting area, Corian® Solid Surface provide ultimate patient safety as well as on-trend aesthetics. You can create a modern, comforting space for patients with superior infection control. Nonporous, Corian® is certified to protect against mold growth.

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The colors of Corian® Solid Surface – Include some of the top Corian® Solid Surface colors for healthcare also available in widesheet.

Easy-to-clean, non-porous, stain resistant, and durable, Corian® Solid Surface is the perfect choice any healthcare design. From a thermoformed wall in a reception area to patient rooms with Corian® worktops and Corian® integrated sinks with ADA complaint splash zones, Corian® makes health care design easy. Corian Solid Surface is hygienic, easy to install while offering elevated aesthetics.

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Design without compromise

Check out the new revolutionary Corian® integrated sinks offering hygienic designs with both cleanliness & splash reduction! Our ADA compliant sinks reduce splash zones , and when integrated with Corian® worktops, create a truly hygienic space. Integrating Corian® Solid Surface sinks and worktops is easy to install, maintain and create a truly hygienic healthcare facility.

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