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Paired with regular cleaning and disinfecting, Corian® Solid Surface products are a trusted way to eliminate bacteria and viruses from a surface. It’s that simple.

Introduced in 1967, Corian® Solid Surface is the original in the solid surface material category, and Corian® Design continues to be the leader. Nonporous and seamless, our innovative product helps keep fixtures clean which is critical to reducing the risk of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) and other illnesses that could be lurking on high-touch surfaces.

Waiting Rooms, Casework, Operating Room Walls, Nurses Stations, Overbed Tables and Furniture, Decontamination Rooms, Patient Rooms, Cafeteria Counters, MRI Machines, ED Rooms, Hand Washing Stations, Hallways and Wayfinding, Restrooms and Showers, Pediatrics, Neonatal Units, and more. With proper cleaning, Corian® Solid Surface does not promote the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Germs and viruses have no place to hide.

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Bacteria and viruses have no place to hide

Watch how easy Corian® Solid Surface is to clean and disinfect. If it looks clean – it is clean.

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The Power of 3 – Non-Porous, Seamless, Low VOC

  • Nonporous

  • Seamless

  • Low VOC

Corian® Solid Surface helps keep germs and viruses from hiding in cracks and crevices – making it easy to clean and disinfect. Plus, this material's rugged durability stands up to regular cleaning, reduces maintenance costs and makes it ideal for high-touch surfaces. As a low-VOC material, Corian® Solid Surface is UL Greenguard Gold Certified, is free from dangerous chemicals and contributes to clean air and Green Building certification. Supporting better indoor air quality, it can be trusted for even the most sensitive and vulnerable populations.

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Keeping It Real … Clean

Beware of the claims of “antimicrobial” that some manufacturers make. They can be vague, misleading and not supported by data.

A material doesn't have to carry an “antimicrobial” label to be a clean, disinfected surface. In fact, that label can encourage people to let their guard down. This is reality: to keep surfaces the cleanest, there's no substitution for regular cleaning.

Find out more about “antimicrobial myths” and successful cleaning and disinfecting:

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