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Corporate design, simplified with Corian® Design surfacing solutions. Offering trendsetting aesthetics, customization options, unmatched durability and hygienic properties, Corian® Design is ideal for any corporate environment


Elevate your workplace with the high-style aesthetics and unmatched durability of Corian® Design. From the board room to the break room, bring stunning aesthetics and superior performance to every corporate space with offerings from the Corian® Design portfolio. With an array of colors, applications, widths, Widesheet and customization options, Corian® Design is the ultimate surfacing solution for corporate design.


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Empower your employees, customers and business for success with beautifully designed corporate spaces that are low-maintance, easy to clean & safe from viruses and bacteria. Corian® Design offers non-porous, hygienic surfaces to take the stress out of any corporate design, to drive in-office collaboration and put your employees at ease in an modern, welcoming space that is equally hygienic.



Keep design, hygiene and durability at the heart of every corporate setting.

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Push the boundaries of innovation and style with a premium, high-performance porcelain.


Explore the colors of Corian® Endura