Corian® Joint Adhesive

A new, higher performing seam adhesive

General Information

Even though the name is Corian® Joint Adhesive, it is recommended for all applications for which DuPont Joint Adhesive has been recommended.

All current colors and cartridge sizes (50ml, 470ml) will be available in the new formulation:

  • availability will vary by color/size as introduction will occur as we exhaust inventory of the current DuPont Joint Adhesive - most of this transition will occur in early 2018
  • Once the inventory of the DuPont Joint Adhesive is exhausted, the formulation will no longer be available.
  • 2018 pricing for this new adhesive will not change from the 2017 list price for the DuPont Joint Adhesive.
  • Dispensing guns and mixer tips are not changing from the current.
  • Shelf life remains unchanged at 24 months.

Enhanced performance 

  • Viscosity changes – almost 4x thicker than DuPont Joint Adhesive
  • Corian® Joint Adhesive requires much less force to dispense with manual or pneumatic dispensers
  • Non-drip/non-slump, thixotropic formulation
  • Less run on vertical applications
  • Faster cure time and sand-able after 30 minutes
  • About 1.5x’s bond strength than our current DuPont Joint Adhesive
  • Seam reinforcement is not required when using Corian® Joint Adhesive for horizontal applications in general dry residential and commercial applications. Specialty applications may have different guidelines.

Low-VOC Emission Standards DuPont

Corian® Joint Adhesive meets or exceed current emissions guidelines* for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified.

For further technical or commercial information, please contact us.


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