Corian® Technique – Using Light

The interplay between light and substance always intrigues those with a creative eye for architectural design.

Tap Into the Creative Possibilities of Light

There are so many ways to explore the translucency of DuPont Corian®. You can experiment with levels and styles of luminosity within your designs. You can create beautiful, atmospheric lighting and lamps. You can illuminate furniture or abstract shapes to add definition and drama. You can even explore back-lighting options to reveal a carved design or sign. The possibilities are endless.

Explore a Spectrum of Color Options

Choose from a range of translucent color options that reveal the full radiance and depth of DuPont Corian® when exposed to light. Transform light into a tangible element to shape and mold. Just imagine what you can do with the combination of light and the unique thermoformable properties of DuPont Corian® solid surface.

Recommended colors for this technique include the Corian® Illumination and Onyx Aesthetics: Artic Ice, Glacier Ice, Mint Ice, Grey Onyx, and White Onyx.

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