The Everyday Style Promotion
Now open to all Residential and Commercial Customers Purchasing from Specialty Retailers: Expanded Offers for an Extended Period!

No matter what your style, there is a color and/or pattern of Corian® and to enhance your kitchen and bath design! Now, choose from a palette of 29 stylish colors that have everyday appeal and save hundreds of dollars*!

Choose Corian® colors in price Group B – Canyon, Linen, Maui, Modern White, Mojave, Sahara, Sand, Sandstone, and Silt – and pay group A pricing.

Choose Corian® colors in price Group C – Cobalt, Canvas, Concrete, Fossil, Granola, Pine, and Raffia – and pay group B pricing.

Choose Corian® colors in price Group D – Arrowroot, Basil, Burled Beach, Clamshell, Earth, Lava Rock, Rain Cloud, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Sonora, Sorrel, Tumbleweed, and Witch Hazel – and pay group C pricing.

Discount offer applies only to the Corian® colors indicated. Contact your sales associate for more information.

Offer valid through March 31, 2018. Offer valid only in the contiguous United States.

Click here to view the colors and get inspiration

*Hundreds of dollars of savings is based on ordering a standard depth kitchen countertop of at least 15 lineal feet using more than 30 ft2 of Corian® in its construction.

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