Modern Facades with Corian® Exterior Cladding
Why design corners when you can have curves?
Seeko'o Hotel, Bordeaux, France, project by Atelier King Kong; photo Arthur Pequin

Modern, monolithic, curved panels made with Corian for facades.




Files for Download:

North American Exterior Cladding Product Bulletin

Exterior cladding specification text

CAD files for Facade details for Metal Stud Walls

CAD files for Facade details for Concrete Walls

PDF Catalog of Facade details for Metal Stud Walls

 PDF Catalog of Facade details for Concrete Walls

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Available Colors and Dimensions

Many exterior cladding materials fade or discolor in time due to weathering, but in many cases the obtained natural patina may be acceptable or even desirable (e.g. copper roofing). Individual Corian® exterior cladding material colors change differently and most often exhibit changes in gloss and whitening which can be renewed with cleaning and/or sanding. These changes are more obvious in saturated, chromatic and dark colors and least obvious in whites, lighter colors and many of the earth tones. Ultimately it is up to the end user to determine if these characteristics are acceptable in the application.

The following material usage recommendations are based on ASTM G7 and ASTM G155 standards. Corian® exterior cladding material colors are grouped into different categories based on their color stability in exterior cladding applications. The selection below represents colors that are expected to meet architectural guidelines for color change of less than 5∆Eab units over 10 years (ASTM D2244). Glacier White and Designer White are predicted to have color change of less than 2∆Eab units over 10 years.

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