Corian® Tabletops for Commercial Use

Striking Tabletops Designs for Today’s Food Industry

Corian® Tabletops Benefits

  • Nonporous and Stain Resistant. Spills do not permeate the surface, and with proper cleaning, Corian® Tabletops do not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.
  • For Interior or Exterior Use. 
  • Durable. Stands up to heavy use.
  • Restorable. Marks and scratches can be removed easily.
  • Warm and Inviting.  Select from many on-trend colors to create an appealing style and experience for your customers.
  • Trusted & Supported.  Corian Tabletops are backed by a 1-year Product Warranty.*

*Our 10-year Corian® Product Warranty is not valid for these tabletops.

Corian® Tabletops are an ideal selection for any food service, hospitality or other commercial project where durability, beauty and longevity are valued. These tabletops will enhance your customer’s next restaurant, cafeteria, drinkery, bar, eatery or food court experience. Interior Corian® Tabletops are available in 11 commonly specified sizes and all colors within the standard Corian® palette, while exterior Corian® Tabletops are available in 11 commonly specified sizes with 9 preferred colors. Check out our tool below to see all the color and size options available. Additional sizes are available as custom orders.

Note: Some table sizes Include solid surface top seam. Seams are very inconspicuous. However, seam will be detectable in veined colored tops, such as Venaro White, Lava Rock, Sandalwood, and Witch Hazel colors. Pedestals and/or legs need to be source separately.

For information, like product brochures and base selection guidance, please visit out technical documents section.

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24 inch round (26.5 lbs)

29.75 inch round (44.5 lbs.)

36 inch round (64.5 lbs.)

42 inch round (88 lbs.)

24 inches x 20 inches (24 lbs.)

24 inch x 24 inch (28.8 lbs.)

24 inch x 30 inch (36 lbs.)

27 inch x 27 inch (36.5 lbs.)

29.75 inch x 48 inch (72 lbs.)

36 inch x 36 inch (64.8 lbs.)

42 inch x 42 inch (88 lbs.)

aurora (Recommended for exterior use)

bisque (Recommended for exterior use)

bone (Recommended for exterior use)

cocoa brown

concrete (Recommended for exterior use)

dove (Recommended for exterior use)

glacier white (Recommended for exterior use)

lava rock

linen (Recommended for exterior use)




savannah (Recommended for exterior use)

venaro white (Recommended for exterior use)

witch hazel


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